Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coffee, Ice Cream & PB&J's!

I love to plan weddings where the couples put their personal stamp on the event. One way you can do that is to offer little treats throughout the night that you love. For example if you love coffee (like I do) how about bring in a coffee kiosk for your guests so they can have latte in your honor before they leave for the night. Another great idea is to have an ice cream sundae bar (another one of my favorites!) set up for your guests. They can make their own special sundae with all of the yummy toppings. I was flipping through the Weddings In Style magazine where they featured one of my favorite chefs Tyler Florence and photos from his recent nuptials that took place in South Carolina. At midnight the couple served mini PB&J sandwiches with milk in a cute shot glass. Isn't that a cute idea! Don't be afraid to do it. When will be the next time you'll have all of your loved ones in one place? It's great when you can share your favorite things with your family and friends!

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Apryl Plummer said...

The coffee and ice cream sundaes would be a great idea. You seem to have great ideas!!