Thursday, June 21, 2007

If only I could have a wedding do-over!

Well you know there are no do-overs on your wedding day, so that's why couples spend so much time planning and obsessing over every detail. I got married five years ago and I can honestly say I was a nonchalant bride. Not really concerned about the details of my flowers, what the food tastes like (because how bad could it be) or how good the photographer was. I just wanted to get married. Now fast forward five years... boy do I know better! I wish I would've known "better" back then!

If I could do it again:

Redo #1: I would've given more input on the design of my bridal bouquet. It was a silk bouquet (due to our budget) but that wasn't the problem, it was all white. It just blended right into my stark white gown. I look back at my photos now and I can't even see it. Your bridal bouquet is what you'll see on all of you pictures. It's attached to you for the entire day. Spend time on making sure it is as beautiful as you will be.

Redo #2: It is imperative that you hire a DJ/musician that can actually play the music you request. Sounds pretty simple right? Well my DJ played everything on our do not play list. We asked for no rap and as soon as the dancing began he played a rap song. My coordinator had to tell him more than once to change the music selection. What a nightmare that was! Well he did get our first dance song right.

Redo #3: Our biggest mistake of our entire event was our photographer. If anyone tells you that your photographer doesn't matter, ignore them. I didn't think it would matter. Our photographer had a portfolio and her pictures looked nice, but I was in such a rush I only interviewed one photographer. Big mistake. Had I checked around I would've realized her pictures were less than desirable. Your pictures stay with your forever and years down the road you want to be able to relive every moment through your photos. Choose wisely.

On a side note, our wedding cake was beautiful, I had a cooperative wedding party and my wedding coordinator was great. Having Ms. Leola there to coordinate and decorate my event was the best decision we made. Our wedding wasn't a disaster, but because I plan events now there are few things that just make me cringe when I think about it. Remember take your time and plan your event. Trust me you'll be happy that you obsessed over all of the little details.

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