Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Receptions: Next Design Star Style!

Ok, guys you know weddings are my thing, so imagine my delight when I turned on my fav tv show, Next Design Star and lo and behold the challenge was to create a wedding reception. I was too excited to watch this episode. Oh. how I wished Scott Corridan was still there! I would've loved to see what type of drama he would've brought to that room. But anyway, I digress. I think this was probably the hardest challenge yet. Because being and event planner it is an awesome task to actually execute a couple's vision, much less to conceptualize it. But Robb not only saw their vision, but made it a reality. Although the other designers, as well as myself, hated the finished design, the bride and groom loved it and that's what matters. Because really whose wedding is it anyway? Theirs!! Here is how it turned out.

By the way, I'm rooting for Will to bring it home for Charlotte. I think by far he is the most talented. If HGTV is looking for someone who has a great eye for design, one whose down to earth and one who can create a fabulous design at any budget... Will is your guy!

Take a look at what he did with $399 from the Dollar Store. This takes talent!

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