Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Christmas Inspiration

I'm working with my great friend Carolyn, who is an amazing event decorator, on an event design for a private Christmas party next month and what better place to go and get inspired than the Charlotte's Southern Christmas Show. Well, personally, it's a little early for Christmas for me. When I was shopping for our Halloween party they had Christmas stuff out already, which is REALLY to early for me. But anyway, we had an enjoyable afternoon looking at the decor and taking photos of little elements that we may want to add to the decor of this event. Christmas, this year is definitely more than red and green. There are so many beautiful rich hues that you can use that still give off that holiday feel. Hmm, this is giving me an idea, maybe I'll start posting some lovely design ideas for holiday parties, hopefully to inspire you guys to invite some folks over and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. But anyway, let's get to Thanksgiving first! :)

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