Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brides Decide

brides decide
I love politics. It's right up there with weddings and baking! I'm not sure why I have this obsession, but I have always been very interested with the state of this country as well as who the major decision makers are. Needless, to say I have watched a lot of CNN for the past couple of months and I'm sure I'll be watching more in the near future. I ran across this site today ( I can't remember who blogged about it, sorry) , Brides Decide- Get Engaged in the 2008 Election. I love that tag line. The mission of this site is to motivate young engaged women and newlyweds to make educated decisions about their community via the political process. I think that's great! Go over and take a look at it if you can tear yourself away from your wedding magazines.

Oh, I almost forgot, there are also pics of some of the candidates on their wedding day along with a Q&A about their beloved wedding story. Below are a few of the candidates and their spouses. Unfortunately, my candidate wasn't pictured. I would love to see Barack and Michelle on their wedding day! :)

John and Elizabeth Edwards

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Mike and Janet Hucakbee

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Scarlett Lillian said...

Oh how far wedding photography has come! :-)