Tuesday, January 22, 2008

where was she when I was getting married???

Susan Stripling 2
I'm talking about the amazing photographer, Susan Stripling. She is based out of Tallahassee, FL, my hometown, and oh how I wish I would've known she existed in 2002. Then I wouldn't be stuck with the awful pictures I have for my own wedding. I stumbled upon her blog last night and I'm glad I did. I am such a photography snob and I love to ooh and ahhh over gorgeous pictures. Here are few pics from her blog. Go over and check out her site. She does outstanding work and when I go home to Tallahassee this spring, I'll be looking her up!

Here a couple of my favorites!

Susan Stripling 3

Susan Stripling 1


Sacred Moment Weddings said...

Amazing shots! The images seem to jump out at you!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love susan stripling - she's awesome. her use of color is fantastic.