Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Around The Wedding Blog World

There are so many blogs out there and I know I don't read half of them, but the ones I do read are all full of great information for me as a planner and for you as a bride. I wanted to share some interesting things going on in the wedding blog world that I think you should know if you don't already.

  • Jessica Merritt, the writer for the new Soul Mating blog who writes about her plight in the dating world, has kindly created a list of her Top 100 Wedding Blogs. I was honored to see our blog listed. This is another great resource out there for those of you who are getting married or just love reading about weddings and wedding planning.
  • Get Married has launched the blog Blogger Brides! Blogger Brides is a bridal social community where brides can chat and blog about their experiences. Along with personal bridal posts, Get Married's star bloggers will also post their expert opinions on various subjects.
  • Those who know me, know that I am truly a photography snob! I am in love with the good stuff and I totally hate the bad stuff out there. Well here is some good stuff. Agie Photography, based out of Charlotte, NC, has created a blog for all of his beautiful work. You must take a minute or two to run over and take a look. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Alyse for keeping me in the know!
  • Are you thinking about eloping to some far away destination, like Paris?? If so please read the post by Kim Peyt from Parisian Party, entitled the Top 5 Tips for Eloping in Paris. Great, great information!

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