Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Hometown..Tallahassee, FL: Dorothy Oven Park

dorothy oven park
Since I have been here I can't help but reminisce on where I spent time for my wedding. Dorothy Oven Park was the location of my bridal portraits and our engagement portraits. We just loved the park so much. It is full of so much color from the beautiful gardens. This location is always in high demand for weddings, receptions and bridal portraits, so plan early. I wish I had some of my own photos to post, but I got married when film was what the majority of photographers used in this area and if they used digital it would've put us over our "little" budget. So anyway, if you are trying to decide on a wedding location in Tallahassee, please consider Dorothy Oven Park, you will not be disappointed.
Here are some photos I stumbled upon from local photographer Lou Kellenberger Photography.
dorothy oven park2
dorothy oven park1

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