Friday, October 10, 2008

Gifts for Your Best Men

In early August, I guest blogged on Wishpot Wedding Blog, and for some strange reason I forgot to blog about it on my own blog! Duh! So here is the post just in case you did not read it. Wishpot is an excellent resource, it's like online window shopping, except you can keep pictures of all of your "wishes" together so you can remember where you found them. Also, you get the opportunity to see what the wedding experts are wishing for! But anyway, here's the post...

I know you probably know already that you should give a gift to those who are in your wedding party. Because afterall, these are the individuals who mean the most to you in life. They also, have spent their time, money and energy in helping you make your wedding day a memorable one. So, it is only proper to thank them with a nice gift. Now, your gift giving ideas do not have to be limited to mugs, money clips or things you know your friends will never use. They should be practical items, specific to each of your friends. Do you really want to give them a gift that they will throw away or that will only collect dust on a shelf? Therefore, you should make sure you gift your wedding party with practical items they are delighted to receive and are excited about putting to use.

I found a few items that are practical, personal and useful. Remember, you are not required to give all of your groomsmen the same gift. Especially if you know that a particular gift is suited more for one person over another. Well here are the few items that I ran across:

flash drive

Now, who does not use a flash drive? This would be a great gift for the techy of the wedding party. He will surely appreciate this gift with his initials.


When I saw these I thought wow these are fun. If you have guys in your wedding party who are in love with sports, why not give them a gift personalized with their favorite team logo?

golf set

This gift of course would only be a hit if you have golfers in your party. Again, this may not be a gift for everyone, but if your groomsmen are avid golfers this gift will definitely not collect dust.

You can find these gifts here:
Flash Drive: Roundtable Gifts
Golf Set: Memorable


Michelle said...

One of the places that I tend to shop for personalised items is getting personal. There are so many different types of products and themes available which is ideal for me because most of my family love the idea of receiving personalised gifts, and with Christmas right around the corner I have started browsing around for ideas.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Flash drive! What a good gift for the guys. All of ours are computer nuts so this would be perfect!!