Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is my lucky day!


This must be my lucky month! I won a dinner gift certificate at a networking meeting last week and today I found out that I posted the 1000th comment on the The Wedding Planner's Fabuluxe Blog: Cocktails and Details! To my surprise I found a rather large picture of myself posted! So I know I won something!

Just in case you've been living under a rock, Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe Events, is the writer and editor of this fabulous blog and you should click right over there so you like I can be enlightened by all of her knowledge on weddings, fashion and everything in between! :)

Thanks Terrica!!

Photo courtesy of Fabuluxe Events, Inc.


Flower Design Jane said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog, events are so different in the UK

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I saw that this morning. Your picture is beautiful!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Yay, Shanika!!!!

Tish @TPTR said...

Congrats! I kinda tagged you in a post on my blog. Check it out.