Monday, May 25, 2009

Show off your style - Create an Inspiration Board!

In reading this blog, you're probably familiar with Inspiration Boards. I found a great tool I'd like to share which makes it easier to create your own inspiration or style board. Say hello to Polyvore Clipper tool. It's a simple "clipper" that allows you to clip images from websites and links to your Polyvore account. Now when you find the perfect wedding cake, centerpiece or bridesmaids dresses you can save and insert the picture into your Polyvore style board. And the kicker is that you can save money on magazines and craft supplies because it's entirely online AND you save money on printing - no need to print every picture you find on websites like The Knot.

Get started!

1. Go to
2. Register (don't worry, it's free!)
3. Once you've set up your account, you need to put the Clipper into your browser's tool bar. Simply, scroll to the bottom of the Polyvore website, and click on "Clipper". Follow the instructions on the page. If you can't find it, here is the link to page:

Start Clipping!

1. Go to your favorite wedding website (note: some websites do not allow you to clip images).
2. When you see an image you like, select it and then click the "Clip to Polyvore" button on your toolbar.
3. Roll over the image again and you'll see a green box around it. Now you can save to your Polyvore items.
4. Repeat steps until you have all the images you want to save. Save as many as you like because even if you don't need it now you can always refer back to it later since it's saved to your Polyvore account.

Create your Style board!

The point of creating your style board is to see all the elements together - this will help you imagine how the colors work together. Plus you can send your board via email to your wedding planner. Now she has a better idea of your style and can make your wedding perfect for you!

1. Open and log into your account
2. Click "Create"
3. Click on "my items" tag (this is where all Your clipped images will be stored)
4. Select the item you want, left-click mouse and drag your image into the board.
5. Continue until you have all the images you want to dispay.
You can resize your images, rotate and move around until it looks how you want it.

Now you're ready to save and share. This is perfect to send to your friends, family and of course your wedding planner!

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