Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding Traditions: The Polish Wedding Dance


The Polish wedding dance was introduced to me by a really special Mother of the Bride. In her Polish family, this dance was a tradition at every wedding. So she really wanted her daughter to take part in this tradition. Just a side note, when you are getting married, I think it's important to add those traditions that make you and your family special and unique. Don't skip them!

Having a diverse group of clients is one thing I love because I'm sure to always learn something new. Here is the info on this fun dance:

The band or DJ plays a polka and guests line up to dance with the bride. The maid of honor wears an apron and collects the money given by the guest for the dance. (This dance is also super fun without the money) After all guests have danced with the bride, they form a tight circle around the bride. The groom tries to break through the circle while the guests try hard to keep him out. Once he breaks through, he picks up his bride and carries her away to their honeymoon.

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