Thursday, May 28, 2009

WilGrant Photography comes to Charlotte: Complimentary Post Wedding Mini- Session

I had the wonderful pleasure to meet the talented Jeff Wilson from WilGrant Weddings, a company named from both his last name and his wife's maiden name. How sweet! But anyway, he's a fabulous photographer and boy do I love great photographers. He has relocated his DC company now to Charlotte and he comes bearing gifts.

WilGrant Weddings, is offering post wedding mini-shoots to Charlotte area brides who are interested in taking some creative photos in their wedding gowns (trashed or not). Oh did I mention that these sessions are complimentary for a limited time. So if you're interested you need to contact him now before this niceness wears off! :)

Email him at info(at)wilgrantweddings(dot)com and phone him at 1.877.641.2120.

Here is the talented Jeff in action. Enjoy.

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