Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your Fall Wedding :: 2009 Colors

I know, I know, it is not even officially summer yet even though it feels like it. But I know there are brides out there who are still in the dark when it comes to planning their upcoming fall nuptials. Therefore, I find it important to impart some wedding wisdom to you fall brides out there.

If you are getting married this fall, I hope you have already decided your wedding colors. If not, this post will be very helpful to you. Every season the authority of color Pantone releases it's Fashion Color Report, which dictates what colors you will see in your favorite clothing stores and what you can anticipate as being the hot wedding colors. Now, of course if you are a soft pink girl and you have been dreaming of a monochromatic pink wedding, then please enjoy your pink. But if you are unsure allow the palette below to serve as inspiration.

Pantone Color Palette 2

Photo courtesy of Uber-Chic for Cheap

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