Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridesmaids Dress = Cute Second Wedding Dress

So you've got a little extra money in your wedding budget and you want to change into something a little more comfortable after the ceremony, but you still want to be the stylish, fabulous bride you are...why not choose a bridesmaids dress?
Designers have made shopping for bridesmaids gowns so easy, by allowing you to play with color of the dress by simply clicking the color. That way you can see which dresses come in white or ivory. A lot of the bridesmaids gowns have been designed to be also be worn by brides as well. Visit two of my favorite bridesmaids collections Bari Jay and After Six to play with your favorite dresses.

Below are gowns from the Bari Jay collection. Aren't they gorgeous?




MoralesVilanova said...

These dresses are just perfect!
Love this post!

Dina @ White Thread said...

Love this idea! And super economical. Great post.