Monday, January 17, 2011

Your Love, Your Passion

let what you love be what you do quote

People have often asked me how I got started with wedding planning and I always answer honestly...I just got started. There really wasn't a big thing that happened. There is one thing for sure I did fall in love with and that was planning things. I used to plan everything from parties to church events and my favorite was planning itineraries for vacations. :)

The love for weddings actually came much later after I actually completed my first few weddings. I was in love with the pretty things that went into weddings and the sentimental acts that weddings brought out in people. The creativity it sparked in brides to make their day special.

With the complexity of life I'm getting back to the things I love. It's hard when you own a business, you're always working. Working with the brides you have and then working to get more brides. Instead of constantly being on this treadmill, I am getting back to the love that sparked this passion that developed this company. Working is a lot more fun when you love what you do.

When did you fall in love with your passion?

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