Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inspiration Board Contest ....and I won!!!!!

I can't believe it! I go and read my morning edition of the The Blog for the Discerning Bride by Blue Orchid Designs and what do you know I won the Inspiration Board contest!! Liene (the fab designer of Blue Orchid Designs) posted a work of art and as a contestant you were to create a party from the work of art. Well here was the inspiration piece entitled Yellow designed by Dallas Shaw:

And this is the party I designed entitled "Summer Shower". I think it's a perfect bridal shower for the girly-girl in your life!

Thanks Liene for the inspiration! This has truly made my morning!


Apryl Plummer said...

CONGRATULATIONS SHANIKA!! It looks very good and I know we will see some of your work in a magazine some day!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!

Blue Orchid Designs said...

I would totally love to attend a shower like that!