Friday, August 10, 2007

Charlotte's Next Design Star

Well, a couple of weeks ago HGTV began it's reality contest for finding the Next Design Star. The winner of this title receives their own tv show. Last year's winner, David Bromstad, is the host of Color Splash. I love this show!

Well this season, we have someone representing Charlotte, NC and I must say he's representing very well! He is Will Smith, is an interior designer who also owns and operates Interior Motives. Will says that he deserves to win because he has a unique design style and the ability to stretch the common budget into upscale design. Take a look at some of his work, along with Sparkle Josh, from the first challenge.
Before Will and Josh work their magic!

I wish Will all of the luck, but I don't think he'll need it. So far he has shown he is an amazing designer. So...when you come back home Will, contact me so we can plan a wonderful party to celebrate your Design Star success! :)

Now that is a makeover!


S. Aiken said...

Watching in Denver, NC and rooting for Will!!!!

Lady T said...

Hey lady, If you catch up with Will, let him know "we" Interior Designers of course, were cheering him on weekly, now tht he's gone, "we"re not watching the finale, because it would've been a huge challenge between him and Todd, also, have him to email me at, I'm in Las Vegas and would love to chat to a brotha in the trade. We're expecting big things from Will.....GOD Bless,


Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if Design Star contestant Will Smith knows about Kim Myles close association with In Style magazine senior entertainment editor James Patrick Herman. He writes that Kim is his FRIEND neighbor and hairstylist in his blog This is the same magazine Martha the JUDGE works for! This seems to be a breach of the rules for Design Star qualification.