Monday, September 3, 2007

Gift Certificates to help your busy Bride-to-Be!

Of course you know her! She's your sister, your daughter, your friend, or even your fiance! She's the bride-to-be that is up to her eyebrows with managing her career, her life and now trying to manage planning the most important day of her life. Well, I've got a way you can help her...
SJB Weddings & Events offers gift certificates at any increment to assist with her wedding planning needs. So if you'd like to help her plan her wedding without actually going to the linen company or looking at bridesmaids dresses give her a present she will love you for!

This is also for you too Mother of the Brides! I know you're busy and your daughter knows you're busy. With my help, we can give her that lovely wedding your friends and her friends won't be able to stop talking about! Contact me so we can get started!

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