Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rich Bride, Poor Bride

Tonight I caught a few episodes of the show Rich Bride, Poor Bride on WE. What a breath of fresh air! There are so many wedding shows which give inspiration to many engaged couples out there. Some are good and some not so good, in my opinion, but this show is a great one. It begins with a bride and groom meeting with a wedding planner and revealing all of their aspirations for their wedding day. After the discussion of all the wants and needs the couple gives over the budget amount in an envelope to be revealed at the end of the show. What's so good about this show is that it's all about the budget and it shows that sometimes your dream wedding doesn't tie into your realistic bank account. It was a fun little game for me trying to guess the cost of the wedding and if I can pat myself on the back, I was always relatively close.

So engaged couples out there, check this show out. Unlike the shows with the gazillion dollar budgets, this show, well the few episodes I watched, is pretty much in line with the average cost of a wedding so you may find it more beneficial. Happy planning!

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