Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why Did I Get Married?


First of all I had no idea this movie existed, because with my 5-6 hours of week of tv I get to watch it's all on the DVR so that means no commercials. But anyway, last night, I went out to the movies and completely enjoyed Why Did I Get Married a great movie written by Tyler Perry. This movie was absolutely great!! Without giving away the movie it really is a simple movie of how after 10 years of married couples can completely allow their own personal needs and wants to get in the way of their marriage. And it got me thinking.

So many couples put so much emphasis on their wedding day that they don't prepare properly for their life long commitment to one another. I think sometimes people get obsessed with the hoopla of the flowers, the cake , the dress that they forget the reason for it all. So for starters, engaged couples out there, I'm recommending you all to see this movie. It can be a great conversation starter between you guys and get you talking about some issues you may not have discussed. I think, well let's say I know, it is important to prepare for your wedding, but it is more important to plan for your marriage.

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planning...forever events said...

I'll have to see the movie! After 14 years of marriage, it does get tricky...but it's worth it!