Thursday, October 11, 2007

Elegant and Simple DIY Project

I was perusing my DIY sites tonight, I'm feeling a little crafty, and I ran across a beautiful DIY project on the DIY Network. The project is creating this beautifully decorated Candelabra Garden designed by one of Charlotte's talented floral and event designers Carolyn Shepard. I am not a wedding planner who says you shouldn't do things on your own, I just say you shouldn't do everything on your own. So, here are the supplies and steps needed to make this your own masterpiece. I, of course, am not feeling super ambitious to take on this project tonight, however, when I get started on it I'll be sure to post my pics. Have fun with it.



2' length of ivy garland
Roses (mixed shades of red)
Cymbidium orchids
Pink spray roses
Pink Gerber Daisies
Red Dahlias
Magenta stock
Floral wire – 24=gauge
2 ¾" red wired satin ribbon
Electric skillet and Pan melt glue

  1. Twist several vines of ivy together and secure with green floral wire.
  2. Wind the satin ribbon through the entire garland, gentle tucking portions of the ribbon into the ivy.
  3. Heat an electric skillet and add the pan melt glue. Dip stems of largest blooms into the glue, then place the blooms throughout the garland.
  4. Dip stems of smaller blooms into the pan melt glue, then cluster those flowers throughout the garland until full.
  5. Once the glue is completely dry, wind the garland around the candelabra by securing in place at the top with floral wire. Wind the garland around to the bottom and allow the end to rest on the table.
  6. Add candles to candelabra, then place votive candles around the table.


Anonymous said...

Best to tell everyone this centerpiece should be made right before the event. Since the flowers are not water sourced- but dipped in HOT glue- this centerpiece will not last long. It will be beautiful, but only for a short while.

Anonymous said...

With the all of the beautiful silk flowers available now, there is no need to use real flowers for the arrangment.

Anonymous said...

I think the arrangement is beautiful!

Jether said...

OMG, finally beautiful DIY ideas! I've been looking high and low and found a few projects I liked but didn't think they would fit into our wedding theme. Thanks a mill this is so cute!

SJB Weddings & Events said...

i love this one too. keep checking back i'll be featuring a lot more diy stuff!

Anonymous said...

So where did you buy those beautifull candelabras? They are exactly what I am looking for and have not found them anywhere online!