Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wedding Budget

wedding money

Do you have one? Brides often ask what should be done after they've shown off the rock and gotten hugs from the families and friends. Well, my dears, you need to set a budget. Oh, I forgot to to add a very important word, a realistic budget!! I know, I know it's so easy getting caught up with all of the beautiful ideas seen on tv, the bridal mags and the internet. But only you and only you, know what you can afford. So, if you aren't interested in paying for your wedding months after you've come back from your honeymoon, I would suggest a realistic budget and stick to it.

Having a budget not only helps you but helps wedding planners, like myself, who are trying our hardest to make sure we stay within if not under your budget, all while giving you that dream day you've been looking forward to. Your wedding should be done your way and your aim should not be how can impress my guests, but it should be a day planned with you and your darling in mind. So, to start you on your way to happy wedding planning, take a look at this general budget and let that be your starting point. Your wedding planner will be so excited when you walk in for your consultation with a budget worksheet already started.

Here are some general percentages of what your expenses may look like on your wedding day. These percentages of course are subject to change.

  • 5% -Ceremony
  • 48% -Reception
  • 10%- Attire
  • 9% -Flowers & Decor
  • 8% -Music
  • 12% -Photography
  • 2% -Transportation
  • 3%- Stationery
  • 3% -Gifts

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