Monday, October 8, 2007

Giving Back Feels So Good

On this past Friday, I had the distinct pleasure to participate in a Celebrity Book Reading for a local elementary school. Wait, I of course am not a celebrity, but there were local celebrities there taking time out of their day to read to classes. This event as well as the book drive was organized by high school senior, Arthur Hairston for his senior project. We didn't have those when I went to high school. But anyway, this was a great event and it definitely shows the maturity of some of our youth. The goal of this project was to create more awareness of how poverty and a lack of resources can affect children's ability to learn to read. This was an excellent project and I walked away feeling great about myself and being inspired by those students a read to. Arthur raised over $1100 for the school and collected 1000 books. I'll say that is an A+++ for his project! Great job Arthur!

Here are a couple of pics from the classes I visited and they truly made me feel like a celebrity!! :) By the way, taking pictures of kids is a very hard task to accomplish. : )

celebrity reader1

celebrity reader

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Neicy Reid said...

My youngest son went to that school years ago...I thought the tshirt looked familiar. It is wonderful how Arthur chose to do his Senior Project. I hope Brandon is that creative and inspiring when he begins his next year.