Monday, November 5, 2007

Dream Wedding Money Saving Tips

Congrats you just got engaged and you may be terrified by what your dream wedding may possibly cost. Well, it is possible to have your dream wedding without going over your budget. So, if you are not lucky enough to have a money-tree in your backyard the following info may help.

  1. Your Wedding, Your Guest List! This one is a tough one. Your families are so excited they want to invite all of their co-workers, their long lost cousins and of course you can't forget the people that invited them to their kid's weddings. You must take control of this guest list, it's your wedding. You may have to tread lightly without hurting mom's feelings, but if you're paying for this bash you should get the final say on the guest list and count. With every person you invite to the reception you have to look at it as a total package of expenses. You will be providing a meal for them, you may to rent the chair their sitting in, the linen that's dressing the table and the centerpiece. Each guest is worth hundreds of dollars in some cases. So if you're looking to save money, start here first.
  2. Your Wedding Party. I know these girls have been your friends since kindergarten or since the first day of college, but if you're trying to stick to a particular budget you may want to consider making your wedding party a teeny bit smaller. Just like your guests, your wedding party is also worth hundreds of dollars in some cases. Remember for every person in your party, you will be providing meals (rehearsal dinner, breakfast for the day of the ceremony and reception meal) , flowers, gifts and transportation. Now let me be clear if you must have a 10 bridesmaids because it just won't be a special day without them, that's fine, but you have to remember that every attendant has an expense attached to them. So think about this while setting your budget. With the money you're spending on your huge wedding party you could possibly use it toward something else. Just a thought!
  3. Your Cake. I love cake! That is actually one of my favorite parts of the reception! I've seen some gorgeous ones that look just as great as they have tasted. But if you've been perusing through the Martha Stewart Weddings Mag and other bridal mags looking at cakes you must understand that cakes are not cheap. Cake designing takes talent and takes time, which equates to $$$. I know here in Charlotte, wedding cakes start from $2.50 per serving and that's not your Martha Stewart Cake with all of the intricate details. So, here is my suggestion, when meeting with the cake designer really think about how many of your guests are actually going to stay until the cake is cut. Normally the cake is cut at the very end of the night, unless it's being served as the dessert course of your sit-down dinner. So, think about it, is Aunt Sue going to stay until the cake is cut? Two of the weddings I did the summer had so much cake left over, at least enough to serve 50 people. So think about that, at $2.50 a serving the couple really could've saved at least $125!
  4. Wedding Favors and Programs. Both are great ideas and they give a very nice touch, but if you're looking to save money somewhere you can definitely save a couple of hundred here easily. Remember, any item you give your guests needs to be useful or edible or guess what it's going in the trash!
Remember it's your wedding, your money, do it your way!


Terrica said...

This was an awesome post, and so true!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

Great post and great site...seems like a great resource for brides!