Friday, November 30, 2007

My Charlotte Christmas Party!

Well, I should've said my "pretend" Charlotte Christmas Party. Because let's face it I DON'T HAVE TIME!! I love entertaining and I would love to have a party, but I just can't find any room to squeeze it in. So, I thought, if I did have a party what would it look like? I came up with a nice clean red and silver party, modern but yet very traditional. I know everyone, well mostly everyone, would love to have a party professionally designed so your guests would be oh so impressed, but you can design something so simple and elegant that your guests will probably more impressed because you did it. Here is what my party would look like:
(Ornaments and Wreath from Z Gallerie, Favor Bags, Table setting and Fireplace Decor from Martha Stewart Living and Snowflake Napkin Ring from Social Couture)

If you're having Christmas Party design-block, pick up a Martha Stewart magazine or go to the mall and look at how some of the stores are decorated. This should help inspire you! Happy Holidays!!

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