Thursday, February 14, 2008

a FABULUXE Publication

fabuluxe newsletter
Are you in need of some new inspiration for your wedding or another grand event coming up. Well I've got the newsletter for you. Actually, I prefer to call it a fabulous online magazine, but whatever you call it you must call it FABULUXE! Terrica Skaggs, the owner of Fabuluxe Events, Inc and the author of The Wedding Planners' Fabuluxe Blog has created {FETE}ish: feeding your addiction to everything fabulous. This publication is one that is full of breathtaking photographs from Scarlett Lillian and wonderful articles such as 20 Concepts and Trends that Changed the Wedding World and Trends Your Wedding Planner Would Like to See Just Die. By the way, yours truly is mentioned as one of the bad trend assassins! :) It's always a pleasant surprise to see a great product that is bolder than the ordinary and one that is a true trendsetter. Terrica never ceases to amaze me, because she is so talented. I am looking forward to reading the next issue. Do not let your wedding inspiration stop at wedding magazines and Wed TV. Take a peek and a listen to someone who works with brides on a daily basis. This is expert advice at it's finest, do not miss out!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, you are seriously going to make me cry!

This was so very sweet of you!

SJB Weddings & Events said...

It's all true and it's definitely worth saying! :)