Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make Your Wedding One-Of-A-Kind!!!

I had the opportunity to receive a copy of the much anticipated DIY Bride book written by Khris Cochran from the Taunton Press Company. When I read through it I immediately sent Khris an email telling her how amazing this book is. I know Khris only through the internet, but I feel like I've met her face to face. She did an excellent job giving the super crafty bride and the not so crafty bride ideas of how they can add their own personal touch to their weddings. If you are recently engaged and are loading up on your bridal magazines, please let this book be one of your resources. There are 40 projects in the book with detailed step-by-step instructions and she also gives you an idea of how much money each project will require. Everything is laid out perfectly. I had a bridal consultation the other day and the bride expressed that she wanted to get some projects done and I referred her to this book. It is an excellent resource and one I'm glad to have in my own library. Excellent job, Khris!

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