Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wedding Gowns 101: Waistlines

Designers are amazing and they have thought of every possible thing to make you look flawless on your wedding day, but the key is taking your time and looking for the right gown. I want to show you what the most popular waistlines look like and how they may accentuate your figure. Knowing the wedding gown lingo should definitely help you when you go dress shopping. So let's look at the Basque Waist, Dropped Waist and the Empire Waist. Here are a couple of my favs!

Basque Waist: This particular waistline is natural at the hip and then dips into a "v" or "u" shape. It shrinks your waistline and helps you girls out who have a short torso. Here is an example.

Anne Barge

Dropped Waist: This waistline can extend past the hips and falls from your natural waist. This type of waistline can elongate the body.

Henry-Roth-dropped waist
Henry Roth

Danielle-Caprese-dropped waist

Danielle Caprese

Empire Waist: This particular waistline is right up under the bust. If your waistline needs a little disguising or if you have a medium to large bust this gown may be suited for you.


Claire Pettibone

Carolina Herrera

I am hopeful that these posts will be helpful to you. It's always good to try on even the gowns you think may not look good on you, because you never know. But it's great to know that if you need to hide a little tummy, the designers were looking out for you.

All photos from Kleinfeld

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