Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway...It's Yours!

I was watching a program tonight and I noticed how stressful being a bride can be. I know you have the normal stress of the budget and vendors and wanting more participation from the groom, but what about the stress of family members. Having to deal with your mom wanting the ceremony in a church and your future mother-in-law wanting to invite an extra fifty people could be enough to drive you crazy.

I guess this whole post is to remind brides and grooms out there that your wedding is about you! Not your mom. Not your dad. It should be about the two of you and the life that you are starting as a married couple. I know it's easier said than done, especially when mom is contributing to the budget of the event, but I would encourage you to not compromise on the items that you know will make your day a special one. Who wants to look back at their wedding pictures ten years from now and have regrets! Keep in mind you want to happily remember your wedding day! Don't leave yourself out of your own wedding!!!

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