Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Napkin Folding and Chair Tying Solutions


Do you know what adds that extra something to a well designed table? A nicely folded napkin and a beautiful chair. I know brides everyday rent chairs or chair covers to replace the hideous ones that they often find at event venues. For obvious reason, the chair completes the table.

I was perusing BBJ Linen today and I ran across a gallery of chair ties and napkin folds, so I thought I would post it here for those of you who want to add a little umph to your reception design.

Some of the designs appear to be very detailed and intricate. Don't worry, your wedding planner would be happy to assist with coordinating the setup of your reception tables. No bride should ever be stuck tying her on chair sashes on her wedding day! :)

(Angled Pockets, Rosette Fold, Menu Square Fold)

Gorgeous Chair Ties

(Chivari: Vertical X with Knot and Flip)

(Folding Chair: Loose Knot and Flip)

(Ballroom Chair: Wraparound Front and Back)

Please take a look at more Napkin Folding Solutions and Chair Tying Solutions from the fabulous BBJ Linen.

(Image Above courtesy of The Knot)


Sincerely, Katasha {at} K Sherrie+Company Weddings said...

The Rosette fold is cute!!

Faire La Fete Productions said...

I've used the vertical X on the chivari chair. The result was amazing!