Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Inspiration: Home Decor


I was perusing the Pottery Barn website this morning and found some beautiful home decor items that I would love to add to my home. Strangely enough, I ran across items that I immediately thought would be absolutely beautiful for a wedding.

If you're looking to design a unique wedding and add some elements you have yet seen at other weddings, you must stay away from the wedding magazines and hit the home decor or fashion magazine racks or blogs. Also, I know most brides are addicted to the wedding shows, but HGTV can give you tons of design inspiration. There is a lot you can translate from home decor to beautiful wedding decor. Here are just a few pieces that jumped out at me.

What a beautiful container that can be used for centerpieces at your wedding.

Lovely cylinders and candles can easily take the place for flowers on any tabletop.


gift girl said...

I'm a huge fan of the wooden bowls. Nice find!

Kyla said...

Great ideas! I love your webpage and blogs!!! Very nice, go girl!!!

Elaine said...

Fabulous…. I desperately want those home accents, they are really beautiful.