Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The First 5 Things to Do Before You Start Your Wedding Planning

engagement invite
Often times as soon as the rock is on the finger brides are off to the book store buying the wedding planning guide, that's if they didn't already have it! : ) Here are some things that I think brides should do first, before they even start picking bridesmaids or before they have a consultation with a wedding planner.

1. Enjoy the idea (fact) that you are engaged. A lot of times brides jump right into the planning that they do not sit and just enjoy the love that is shared between the couple.

2. Write it Down! If you ask any bride married more than a year, they unfortunately may not remember what the love of their life actually said to them when he asked for their hand in marriage on that beautiful day. I have been married almost 7 years and I remember the scene, what music was playing, what I drank, but I can't remember what he said. Write it down, you will want to remember those beautiful words.

3. Talk to Each Other About Your Wedding Expectations. It would be great to just sit and chat about what each of you want on your wedding day. Doing this before you start planning may help you from going back and forth during the planning phase. Also, it's great to get the groom talking ahead of time, because he may become less interested as time goes on. :)

4. Determine what type of bride you are. Are you one who knows they are a control freak? Do you not have a clue of what to do first? Or are you the bride who says I can do it all by myself? Knowing these things will help determine what type of help if any you want on your wedding day or during the planning phase.

5. Announce Your Engagement. When announcing your engagement, if you have children you should tell them first, then your parents, your close family and then friends. You can easily be done in person, via phone, email or even through snail mail with a formal announcement.

The fabulous announcement above is from Social Circles Designs.

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