Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Bridal Bouquet Accessories

Accesssories make an amazing statement and they should be scattered throughout your wedding design. The important thing is to not go overboard on accessories, but use them in ways that can make a great impact. Remember, good photographers love details so make sure you give them some. Here are some of my favorite accessories for your bridal bouquet.

I am totally in love with this rosary adorning this bouquet.

bouquet accessories4

I have used this image before in a previous inspiration board and I love how this bouquet has just enough sparkle to draw interest. Bouquet created by Squareroot Designs.

bouquet accessories

What an amazing way to remember those family members who have passed away before your walk down the aisle. I found this image on Handcrafted Seasonal Weddings Blog.

bouquet accessories1

Project Wedding provided amazing information on how to DIY this bouquet. I love it!

bouquet accessories5


Suzanne said...

i just love jeweled accessories for bouquets! it makes an already beautiful bouquet even more gorgeous!

Removalists Australia said...

OMG!!! I am also in love with that rosary. Wow!!! It is very adorable. Great post!!!