Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning your dream wedding, and now your biggest concern is that people remember it. You want your guests commenting to one another that “this is the best reception I’ve ever been to!” All the little details that make your wedding unique and personable will be what guests remember. Here are a few tips to make your wedding reception stand out:

1. Pick a special ceremony start time, like 5:17 - the exact time he proposed to you.

2. Include an "About the Bridal Party" section in your programs or display frames including a picture and a short bio on the reception tables for your guests to learn more about your wedding party. Include jokes or special memories about your friendship.

3. Ask close friends and family members for recommendations of their favorite old/classic drink, new/modern drink, favorite borrowed unique drink recipe, and a blue cocktail. This could be your "Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue" menu.

4. What could be more special than writing a thoughtful letter to your mom and dad and laying it on their seats during the reception. The letter could be a simple thank you showing your gratitude for everything they have done for you. Before you even walk down the aisle, your parents will already have tears in their eyes.
5. For an ultra-personal touch to your wedding decor, write down 20 things you love about your soon to be husband, and have him do the same. Type up the sentences and make a "she" and "he" graphic underlay. Then frame and place the completed work on the sign-in table at the reception.

6. After your ceremony, you take your first steps forward as husband and wife; why not celebrate it with a grand exit? At night, sparklers are a popular trend and provide memorable photos. With the right setting, candles can decorate your exit in an unforgettable way. Having a formal ceremony or reception exit is not only fun for you and your guests; it’ll make for great photos. Alternatives to sparklers: paper airplanes, ticker tape, bird seed, and eco-confetti.

7. While taking dance lessons may not be an option for you, the last thing you want is to bore your guests with an uneventful first dance. A funny, synchronized first dance will get everyone up on their feet and show off the bride and groom’s personality. Take a look on YouTube and see how couples are spicing it up! Watch my favorite dance below!


Tabitha | Elite Bridal Concierge™ said...


These are fabulous suggestions! I especially love the idea of place a thank you letter in the parents seats as well as the "she and he" graphic underlay. Great post!

Lisa Michelle said...

This a a Fab post. Love the Suggestions!!